Online On Demand Postnatal Pilates

Are you looking to rebuild your core and pelvic floor strength after having your baby?

Are you suffering with neck, back and shoulder pain from carrying your little one?

Are you keen to get back into exercise after having your baby but unsure how to do this safely?

Are you struggling to find the time to exercise and need an option that fits around your hectic new-mum life?

If you answered yes to any of the above, then our online on demand postnatal Pilates course is for you!

Anna created this course to help new mums with their post natal journey & return to exercise. As a physiotherapist who has been taking post natal Pilates classes for several years, she found the new mums attending the classes really struggled to find time for themselves after having their babies. It’s so important to give your body time recover post partum so you can start to return to the activities and exercise you enjoy. This 6 week course of 20-30 minute graded Pilates-based exercise sessions will help you feel stronger, more confident, and make some time for yourself alongside caring for your little one!

This course gives you 3 sessions per week to work through, which are 20-30 minutes long. The course is 6 weeks, but we know that life can get in the way, so we give you 3 months access to the course to give you a chance to catch up or repeat weeks if needed. The investment for this course is £40.