Prices as of 1st April 2023

As you know, Animated Physio is committed to bringing high quality health & wellness services to our community, allowing people to get the help and support they need to feel better, move better, and live better. To stay committed to […]

Is mumlife giving you back pain?

Give these a try to get some relief from your back pain Since becoming a mum, changes in your activity, posture, and lifestyle can all contribute to your back not feeling as good as it could.  So, I thought I’d […]

The benefits of being a beginner

Why it’s a great idea to try something new It can be hard being a beginner, as it’s really normal to feel like everyone else is ahead of you.  It can seem daunting, a little bit scary, and like you’re […]

Is physio an art or a science?

If over 13 years practising as a physio has taught me anything, it’s what works for one, doesn’t necessarily work for another.  Which has led me to question… is physio an art or a science? I’d love it if aches, […]

You made it through Blue Monday

My top tips on beating the January Blues I’m trying my best to follow my own advice right now… I normally try to have my emails scheduled by Sunday evening, to be sent on Monday (which would have been Blue […]