Yoga Neck & Shoulder Workshop

The saying “carrying the world on your shoulders” couldn’t be truer. Your neck and shoulders really take the brunt of a busy life. From looking down at your phone or laptop to unknowingly clenching your jaw, it all takes a toll on your body.

Come and give your body some respite. We will use Controlled Articulate Rotations for mobility and long holds using bolsters and bricks to relax the fascia.

The session will end with a Nidra inspired relaxation.

Our Neck & Shoulder Workshops are taken by experienced yoga instructor Sarah Green from Totally Yoga.

The next session will be held on Saturday 5th November, 10am-12pm. The investment in yourself for this 2 hour workshop is £28.

Join this fun but challenging yoga class with Sarah Green

“I know that when you stand on your mat, ready for your yoga practice either online or in the studio – that time away from real life is precious. It’s the time that you get to be you, think about you, do something for you. It has to deliver.”

“I’m Sarah, Yogi, Gin lover, & founder of Totally Yoga. My promise to you is that I will give you 100% each & every time you come to your mat. The flow will be challenging where it needs to be, it will strengthen you, it will work on increasing your mobility and I’ll try to put a smile on your face by the time we are in Shavasana.”