Benefits of Pilates for Children & Teenagers

At Animated Physiotherapy our aim is to provide an accessible physiotherapist led service for everyone.  We have a busy timetable of matwork classes for adults, but know that many children & teenagers can also benefit from the services we have to offer. That is why we run Pilates classes on Tuesday afternoons specifically for children & teenagers ages 10-16 years.

The Classes are for those who are looking for a fun & interactive class with others of a similar age & mindset.  The class aims to work on strength & core stability, whilst also improving balance, posture, flexibility and co-ordination.

As well as the main benefits of Pilates, you and your child will notice numerous other improvements from them attending our class, including:

  • Improved mood (including helping with a reduction in the symptoms of mental health conditions such as depression & anxiety)
  • Improved quality of sleep & sense of calm (can be helpful for those on the autistic spectrum)
  • Improved confidence & self-esteem
  • Improved cognitive performance (can help improve concentration & school test scores – can be helpful for those diagnosed with conditions such as ADHD)
  • Improved muscle endurance (great cross training if participating in other sports, can be helpful for those with conditions such as hypermobility & JIA)
  • Improved gut mobility & digestion (can be helpful for those with digestive issues)
  • Is a positive outlet for energy

Our teens pilates classes are bookable online by clicking here, but if you have any further questions about the class please feel free to email us at [email protected].

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