Is mumlife giving you back pain?

Give these a try to get some relief from your back pain

Since becoming a mum, changes in your activity, posture, and lifestyle can all contribute to your back not feeling as good as it could.  So, I thought I’d let you know my top tips to try and help settle your back pain.  Some you might be able to try, and some might not be realistic with the needs of your baby right now.  But try to remember that it’s essential to care for yourself so that you can do the best you can for your little one(s).

Tip 1: Keep Active

Raising your heart rate can help back pain to settle.  Keeping muscles moving and blood pumping round your body helps promote healing.  So try getting out for a walk the next time the sun is shining.

Tip 2: Heat Can Help

A hot water bottle or warm bath can help soothe muscle spasms, reduce tension, and settle the sensitivity of your back.

Tip 3: Take Some Time For You

Is there a way to take a few minutes away from your little one to give you some time to yourself?  Taking time out to take a few deep breaths & listen to a relaxation script can help calm your nervous system, which helps reduce pain in our bodies.

Tip 4: Movement Is Medicine

Trying some postnatal specific exercise that works on building strength as well as giving your body a well deserved stretch to release tension can really help.  I have just one space left in my upcoming free Postnatal Pilates taster class, which you can find out more about and book here.  Or, if that doesn’t work for you, take a look From Bump back to You, my online on demand postnatal Pilates course by clicking here.

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