Settle Sciatica in 5 Steps

If you’re suffering with sciatica (pain originating from your back, which radiates down your leg and past your knee), there are things you can try to help settle it!

1. Try to keep active little and often

Try avoid staying still for prolonged periods of time. Although rest is important to aid recovery, staying still for longer periods of time will make you feel stiffer. Keeping still is likely to further aggravate symptoms

2. Stay Calm

Stress can play a big part in how much pain we feel. You could try some breathing exercises (I’ve got a video of a breathing exercise to make you feel calm in less than 5 minutes, which you can try by clicking here). Another thing you could try is taking a warm, relaxing bath.

3. Try some gentle exercises

I’ve also uploaded a video to my YouTube channel going through a few exercises you will hopefully find help. Click here to give my exercises to relieve sciatica a go.

4. See a physio

The reasons & rehab for sciatica are not a 1 size fits all approach. By having an individual assessment, you’ll be given individual treatment to address your specific symptoms & aggravating factors. You can book a telephone consultation with me by clicking here.

5. Talk to your GP or pharmacist about pain medication

Sometimes medications can be prescribed to settle the irritation caused at at the nerve root. These medications do not block pain messages, so you would not be masking your pain by taking them. The medication prescribed should be able to aid you in settling symptoms. The aim of taking the medication is to make it easier for you to restore normal movement & activities.

I hope this helps, and your sciatica symptoms start to settle very soon. Were there any new ideas there you haven’t thought to try before? Let me know how you get on!

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