Top tips on avoiding back pain during the festive season

As I’m sure you’re busy prepping for the big day, I thought I’d share some tips on avoiding back pain and keeping it feeling as good as you can whilst you’re wrapping presents, carrying your last minute shopping, and prepping your Brussel sprouts.

1. Set up your space

Think of your wrapping space like you would your work space.  Try to give yourself space at a table, sitting on a supportive chair as you wrap, rather than being scrunched over on the floor!

2. Split presents up

When wrapping presents, try to use smaller boxes or gift bags instead of putting several items into larger boxes or packages, as this can add unnecessary strain on your back.  Plus, splitting presents up into more packages means more to be opened by your loved ones, and who doesn’t want more to open, right?!  

3. Think about your lifting technique

When lifting your Christmas shopping bags, even though you may be swept up in the Christmas rush, try to think about your lifting technique.  As you lift, think about bending your knees, keeping the items close to your body, and using your leg muscles to lift rather than relying solely on your back.

4. Take frequent breaks

When wrapping presents or cooking Christmas dinner, take frequent breaks to change position and move around.  Remember, the next posture is the best posture!  It’s normal to stiffen up if you stay in one position for too long, so try spreading your wrapping out, or take a break mid-way through standing to peel the spuds.

5. Ask for help

I know that so many of my lovely clients are always doing the most they can to help everyone in their lives as much as they can.  Remember, being Christmas ready isn’t just down to you!  Ask your friends and family to help, whether that’s with carrying the shopping, making a last minute dash to the supermarket, or topping up everyone’s glass of mulled wine.

And, from those of us at Animated Physio, we hope you have a lovely, back-pain free Christmas and Happy New Year!

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