The benefits of being a beginner

Why it’s a great idea to try something new

It can be hard being a beginner, as it’s really normal to feel like everyone else is ahead of you.  It can seem daunting, a little bit scary, and like you’re taking yourself way out of your comfort zone.  But try not to let that stop you, because as scary as it seems, there are also loads of benefits to being a beginner!


It’s exciting to be a beginner!

Trying something new is exciting!  Because everything is new to you, and what you’re trying isn’t yet a habit, it feels fresh, novel, and will hold your attention.  You’ll come away wondering how the time went so quickly, yet at the same time feel it was jam-packed with loads of things you’ve never done before.

There’s no pressure or expectation

Once you’ve been doing something for a while, there can be the expectation that when you turn up, even if you’re having a bad day, that you should perform to the level you have previously.  When you’re a beginner, everything is new for you so we don’t know your baseline.  This means there is no pressure or expectation when you take that first step to try something for the first time.

You’ll see improvements

Starting as a beginner means there is plenty of room for growth and improvement.  And you’re likely to see the biggest improvements early on in your journey as you learn more about your new activity and how your body and mind responds to it.  Seeing these improvements when you start something new can be a great way to build enthusiasm and motivation to keep working at it, to become better and better!

Lots of support

As a beginner, it’s normal to have and want to ask loads of questions.  This helps you understand your new activity more, and the more you learn, the more you will benefit from what you’re now trying.  Being curious helps you grow as a person, as well as improve in your new activity.  Asking both the expert and your peers helps you become part of a community and build relationships with like-minded people.

It builds your confidence

When you first start something, it’s easy to see improvements as you learn.  Seeing progress from one session to the next will make you feel positive and satisfied about yourself.  This will help your confidence grow.

If you were worried about being a beginner, but this email has helped, then why not take the brave first steps by booking into my free Beginners Pilates class?  This class is held as part of the Women Like Us Festival, run by Active Essex in celebration of International Women’s Day, which is coming up in March.  

As I love to inspire people to participate in exercise that is safe for their bodies, and get them moving more, feeling better, and banishing aches & pains, my free Beginners Pilates class will be on Monday 6th March at 10:45am.  You can find out more and book in here.

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