Sports Massage

Sports massage has many benefits including:

  • Reducing muscle tension and soreness
  • Aiding recovery from injury and fatigue
  • Improving range of movement & flexibility
  • Improving sporting performance
  • Improving sleep, recovery & sense of wellbeing

As well as being skilled in physiotherapy assessment & treatment, our staff are also trained specifically in sports massage.  Whilst giving specific soft tissue treatments, our physios are also able to offer you additional advice and education due to their extensive knowledge of injuries & rehabilitation.

We believe sports massage can be a great adjunct to help with training, as well as helping your body adapt and recover if you are increasing the amount of exercise and movement you are doing.  We acknowledge and support that rest & recovery play a big part in your body feeling and performing at it’s optimal ability.

We offer sports massage appointments from our Billericay studio, The Barn, Watch House Farm, in Wash Road. Please book your appointment through this link & we will email you to get you booked in!