November Retreat Day

My Winter Retreat Day is now open for booking! Following the success of our 2 previous Retreat Days, I’ve already planned our next one!  Our Winter Retreat Day will be on Saturday 26th November from 11am until 4:30pm, at Writtle […]

Pilates Retreat Day

My next Retreat Day will be on Saturday 24th September from 10am until 3:30pm, at Writtle Christian Centre, Writtle, Essex, CM1 3EN. What happens on a Retreat Day? The day will start with an energising & strengthening Pilates class followed […]

Why your back pain isn’t going away

When someone seeks my help with their back pain, it’s so common that they’ve tried loads, but despite this, their back pain isn’t going away!  Could it be that, like my patients, you’re holding misconceptions around what you think will […]

The Difference Between Yoga And Pilates

As a Pilates instructor, one of the questions I get asked all the time is “What’s the difference between Yoga & Pilates?”.  So I thought I’d do my best to explain! Yoga & Pilates Have Completely Different Origins Yoga originated […]