Members Only Webpage

Thank you so much for being a part of our Pilates community! We really value each and every one of our members, so wanted to ensure you can access some additional offers & support from us through our members only webpage!

10% Off Appointments

As part of your membership, you get 10% off 1-1 appointments with us.

Click the button below to book your appointment with your 10% members discount by using code ‘PILATESMEMBER’ in the discount code box & make sure you click ‘Apply’ to apply the discount before clicking to purchase your appointment!

50% Off Additional Classes

If you’re looking to squeeze in the odd extra class in addition to your membership allowance here & there, as one of our valued members, we offer you 50% discount on pay as you go classes.

If you are booking an extra class to your membership allowance, the booking system will prompt you to pay for a pay as you go class. When purchasing the class, use code ‘ADDONCLASS’ in the discount code box & make sure you click ‘Apply’ to apply the discount before clicking to confirm your class booking!

If you’re attending additional classes regularly, let us know and we can help you work out if upgrading your membership will be a better value option for you!

Community Support

Did you know we offer additional support in our members only Facebook group? We’re here to help you with motivation, accountability, and we want you all to feel a part of our community! We’ll also use the group to keep you up-to-date with any important information.


The equipment we’ll be using in our classes in December is:

  • W/C 27th November: Red resistance loop & small / spiky ball
  • W/C 4th December: Weighted Pilates ball
  • W/C 11th December: Purple resistance band
  • W/C 18th December: Magic circle

On Demand Class Suggestions

Want to do some Pilates at a time to suit you? Those of you on our ‘Plus’ or ‘Powerhouse’ memberships will have access to our huge on demand library so you can do just this! We’re aware we have a lot of content on there, which can be a little overwhelming, so each month we like to give you class suggestions to help give you some focus rather than you having to spend time scrolling through the sessions & having to choose one for yourself!

Here are our hour-long on demand class suggestions for December:

  • W/C 27th November: Class 97
  • W/C 4th December: Class 46
  • W/C 11th December: Class 69
  • W/C 18th December: Class 47
  • W/C 25th December: Class 11

Here are our shorter session on demand class suggestions for December:

  • W/C 27th November: Session 29
  • W/C 4th December: Session 15
  • W/C 11th December: Session 19
  • W/C 18th December: Session 33
  • W/C 25th December: Session 66

You can access your on demand classes either through the TeamUp app, or through your web browser by clicking here.

Any Other Questions?

If you have any further questions about our membership or booking classes, then please take a look at our FAQ guide, or send us an email at [email protected].