Important changes to Animated Physio

Exciting things have been happening at Animated Physio!  You’ll know if you’ve gone to book a physio appointment with me recently that my diary has been really booked up, which means I’ve been struggling to find the time to reply to all your messages and emails!

To help with this, I’ve taken on 2 new members of staff, Kelly & Charlotte, who will be working remotely as practice managers of Animated Physio going forwards.  This will give me more time to see you at Pilates classes & physio appointments, hooray!  You can find out a bit more about Kelly & Charlotte here.

To ensure we’re not missing any of your messages, we wanted to let you know the best way to contact us.  Our social media accounts tend to be temperamental on notifying us of new messages, so going forwards, rather than messaging me through Facebook or Instagram, please email any questions or queries to [email protected].  Kelly & Charlotte will now be monitoring this email address and bringing my attention to anything urgent to make sure nothing gets missed!

Should you wish to contact us via phone, please call us on 07478719439 during opening hours.  Some of you may have my personal number saved, so please kindly update this to the work number.

We thought this would also be a good time to remind you of our booking terms.  24 hours notice of cancellation is required for refunds on both classes and physio appointments.  If you wish to cancel or reschedule an appointment with more than 24 hours notice, you can do this by clicking the “Change/Cancel Appointment” button on your booking email.

You can read our Pilates class booking terms here and our physio appointment booking terms here. 

When you arrive for your class or appointment, please wait in the reception area until you’re called through.  All classes and appointments require time to prepare, and without this I worry I’m not giving you the best session I can!

And, one last thing!  Every time you book a class or appointment with us, you will be sent a booking confirmation email.  Please make sure you check this email to ensure you’ve booked the correct day and time, as with our expanding Pilates class timetable we’re seeing an increasing number of people booking or turning up to a different class by accident!  As you know, the studio is limited to 8 participants, so I’d hate to be unable to fit you in if you turn up to a fully booked class!

I hope you’ll join me in giving Kelly & Charlotte a very warm welcome to the Animated Physio family!

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