Booking Terms: Studio Classes

Pilates classes and other fitness and exercise classes are supplied by ANIMATED PHYSIOTHERAPY LTD subject for the following terms.

In these terms, “we”/”us”/”our” means Animated Physiotherapy Ltd, and “you”/”your”/”yours” means you, the client.

These terms, together with our booking confirmation (which you will receive via email) constitute the contract (“The Contract”) between us for the supply of our services to you.  The Contract shall not be varied in any way whatsoever unless agreed in advance in writing between the parties.

Booking and Payment

Booking for all classes is online via our booking system, for which we use Acuity Scheduling.  Our online booking system shows the availability and price of classes on the date and time you select.  This is a real time view of the class and people already booked onto it.  This can rapidly change, so when fully booked, it is worth checking back later to see if a space has become available.

Class bookings are only confirmed when full payment has been made.  You can pay for individual classes (pay as you go), or use the booking codes from one of our memberships.  If you are using a coupon code it is your responsibility to enter that code at your time of booking to apply your discount.

You can pay for your class or classes using credit or debit card through our online system, or through the Acuity Scheduling app.

On booking your class you will be sent a confirmation email. Please check your confirmation to ensure you have booked a class on the correct day & time.

Please read the information below on cancellations and refunds.

Amending Bookings

You may change the date and time of your booking 24 hours or more before the time of the booked session.  You can change your booking either via your online account, through the Acuity Scheduling app, or via your booking email.

On booking your class you will be sent a confirmation email. It is your responsibility to check your confirmation to ensure you have booked a class on the correct day & time. If you have booked the wrong class by mistake, you can cancel and rebook / reschedule using the “Cancel / Reschedule” button on your booking email. 24 hours notice is needed to change a class booking.

Cancellations, Refunds & Missed Classes

We operate a strict 24 hour cancellation policy on class bookings.  If you need to cancel or rebook your class, you can do this yourself through either your Acuity Scheduling account, or via your booking email, up until 24 hours prior to the class.  Classes cannot be cancelled less than 24 hours before the class start time.  If you cancel within 24 hours of your booked class, your class credit will be lost and your booking cannot be refunded.

You are responsible for checking the details of your booking at each stage of the booking and payment process.

We are sorry but missed classes are not refundable. 24 hours notice is required for you to cancel or reschedule your class booking and receive a refund.

Should you have a studio class booked but be unable to make it to the studio on the rare occasion, for example, stuck in traffic, stuck at work, adverse weather conditions, we may be able to transfer your studio class to a Zoom session. This must be the same Zoom session as the studio class you had booked and cannot be transferred to a later time or date. This is at managers discretion, and provided adequate notice is given for this to be completed. This request can be made by email to [email protected]. We cannot guarantee a transfer to an online session when less than 24 hours notice is given.

Unforeseen changes to our timetable

Our classes are available to book 30 days in advance.  If, due to unforeseen circumstances, (such as instructor sickness) we have to cancel a class at short notice, we will inform you as early as possible.  In this circumstance, if you have booked a pay as you go class, you will be given the opportunity to transfer your booking to an alternative class on a day and time to suit you.  If you have booked using a Studio Membership code, your class credit will be added back onto your account.

Expiry of Purchases

If you have a Studio Membership, should either you or us cancel your subscription, all booking codes will expire at the end of your billing cycle. Our classes are available for you to book 30 days in advance, meaning you have 30 days from the end of your billing cycle to book any remaining sessions. After your membership being cancelled by either you or us, any sessions remaining at the end of the booking cycle cannot be refunded under any circumstance. If you are unable to attend for a period of time due to extenuating circumstances, extension of your membership renewal date is at managers discretion.  Renewal dates are final and cannot be extended except in the event of classes not running for a period of a week or more (for example over Christmas, or due to staff holidays). If classes are not running for a period of a week or more due to staff absence, your membership will be extended accordingly.

Health and Safety

When you book your first class, you will be required to fill out a booking form via our booking system.  The system will not allow you to book your class unless you have answered all relevant questions.  It is your responsibility to inform us if you have any changes to your health or medical history.  It is your responsibility to inform our instructors at the start of the class if you have any health condition or injury that may affect your ability when completing the exercises.  If you are in any doubt about your health, you should consult your GP.

Please note we do not have wheelchair access to our studio.

Behaviour in class

We respectfully ask that you do not take photos during the class unless it has been authorised by the instructor and other people in the class.

We request that you dress appropriately for an exercise setting in shorts, leggings or jogging bottoms, and vests, jumpers or tshirts.

Please be respectful to your classmates and our instructors at all times during the class.

We ask that whenever possible you arrive on time, as arriving late may cause disruption to the class.

Children and Young Adults

Children and young adults are able to attend our classes, and we do not have a set minimum age.  However, we ask that your child is mature enough to be able to concentrate for the duration of the class, and will not cause any disruption when attending.

Well behaved children are welcome to sit in reception for the duration of your class.  Please be aware that this is at your own risk, and any damage must be paid for.

Personal Belongings

We are not responsible for any loss or damage to your possessions regardless of the reason.


Animated Physiotherapy Ltd is committed to keeping our clients and staff as safe as possible during their time with us.  It is imperative that you only attend when it is safe for you to do so, and follow our Covid-19 safeguarding rules, which are displayed throughout the premises.  As all adults can now take lateral flow tests, we ask that whenever possible you please complete a test prior to your class to ensure we are operating as safely as possible.  Our 24 hour cancellation policy applies under any circumstances. If you cancel within 24 hours of your booked class, your booking cannot be refunded.